Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corjl?

Corjl is an online editing platform, gain access to your design within minutes of purchase, make edits and download. No more waiting for a designer to make changes for you.

The process is simple, purchase your design and you'll get an email with your link to your file. Make your changes and download in a variety of ways, or if you wanted printed cards lets us know when you've finished making your changes and we'll being processing your order.

Do I need a Corjl account?

Yes, you need to make an account, which is fast and simple to do so, and then you can access your design.

What is it a digital file?

Choose the digital file if you wish to print at home, use an online/local printer or send an e-invite.

Can I use Vistaprint to print my cards?

Vistaprint uses their own measurement system for their cards and so we wouldn't recommend using them to print our cards as the sizing wouldn't match.

I'm stuck on don't understand how to do something on Corjl

Please see our Corjl tutorial page to learn how to do change your design.

Can I see how make information would look like on a design before I purchase?

Sure! Simply use our demo feature which is in a link in the item description,

How long and how many designs can I download or edit?

Each listing is available to access for 60 days and for 10 downloads.

Can I sell my design or create an repurposed design from it?

No, selling the designs (any part) or creating a new design that you intend to use commercially is strictly prohibited. Personal use only.

Can I edit on my mobile

You can make simple edits on your mobile but for more complicated edits we would recommend a tablet or laptop.

Can I change colours?

Absolutely! You change change text colours and shape colours. If you are unsure about anything please get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.

Can you proof-read my order?

Sorry, all matters of spelling, grammar, punctuation and etiquette remains solely your responsibility. We are happy to assist and offer any advice that we can.

How are the digital files formatted?

You can choose a large variety of options of how you would like your digital file to be set up. This includes bleeds, crops, PDF or JPG and mutli-page printing.

Do you ship worldwide?

Our printed service is available world wide - for FREE!

How much is the postage?

FREE but if you would like your order tracked or express delivery please get in touch as that would be an additional charge.

How long will my order take?

UK 1 - 2 working days

EU 3 - 4 working days

Rest of world 5 - 7 working days

Do you offer printed samples?

If you would like a sample before purchasing please get in touch with us. Please note that all samples are not personalised.

Can I change the language on your stationery?

All wording can be completely customised so inserting your own language shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, the fonts we currently use do not support Chinese, Japanese or Arabic characters, or derivatives thereof.